31 Days of Video Intro

Today is Day 1 of a 31 Days of Video Challenge that I am doing for the month of August. I’ll be posting the videos to Youtube and sharing them here on my website.

Although I’m not going to transcribe the video to text verbatim, I will add any written version of the video topic if I have one, as I find that writing my thoughts out often helps me to get clearer on what to say verbally. In some cases (probably most!) the written version can serve to articulate more succinctly what I have to say, and clarify points as well. 😉

* * *

The purpose of the video challenge is to fully immerse myself in the Youtube video making process, get comfortable speaking in front of a camera, and share some of the topics that I have been wanting to put out there.

I was inspired to start the challenge thanks to a similar project taken on by Steve Pavlina, one of my all-time favorite personal development writers & speakers. Like Steve, I’m wanting to try a full-immersion experience in creating videos in order to improve my skills in this area quickly through consistent effort and that oh-so-effective teaching duo, Trial & Error.

“It’s better to create an imperfect something, than a perfect nothing.” 
– Steve Pavlina

For me this challenge is a sort of exercise in imperfection.

I’ve struggled with some major perfectionist tendencies in my day. Fortunately, I’ve reached a point in my life where I would rather just CREATE than keep all my possibilities bottled up inside me. I’d rather share with others and contribute some value to the world, however imperfectly.

The act of creating can be quite messy. My 31 Day Video series is probably going to be a bit messy as I figure out the best way to do it. And that’s ok. When you can get out of your own way, stop fearing and doubting and start creating something, magic can happen. And it can really make a huge difference in someone else’s life.

“Life is not a private affair. A story and its lessons are only made useful if shared.”
– Dan Millman

The people that have had the greatest impact on my life and personal growth are the ones who dared to share their stories. They didn’t hoard and hide what they experienced and learned; they put it out there to help others. They left the proverbial bread crumbs scattered around the universe that helped me find my own way. I owe so much to their honesty and openness and courage to give whatever they had to give.

Throughout the next 30 days, I will be opening up, sharing insights and life lessons based on my own personal experience. It’s going to be a vulnerable time. It’s going to be an awesome growth experience. And it’s going to be lots of fun!

And I hope that something I put out there through this video challenge will in some little way help someone on their path.

If you’ve ever wanted to get better at speaking in front of the camera, at making and editing videos, at sharing your story with others… I encourage you to do this video challenge too! Give it a shot.

If you have something to say that you want to share with others, that you have been holding back, I encourage you to speak your heart. You never know who you might help and inspire. Dive on in. The water’s fine. 🙂

Whatever you do, I invite you to join me for this journey!

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Stay tuned for tomorrow’s video post. 😀

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