33 Days of Truth

Next month (April) is my birthday. In honor of the gift of being born and having lived 33 years of life, I’ll be daring to give the honest truth. Starting today, for 33 days until the end of April, I will share something authentic and vulnerable about me and my life. 

These will be the things that I don’t talk about in every day conversation, and that rarely are brought up even in deeper talks. Some of the things will be scary to say.  I’m not entirely sure yet what will come out. Probably nothing all that dramatic to anyone else. But each round will be an act of personal courage, an effort to strip away the layers of my being, past and present, and let the shadows step into the light.

There is a part of me that is terrified of what I might say, dreading potential regret for opening my mouth, for expressing my heart, for standing naked in front of you. But at least one thing I’ve learned in life so far is that fear is the thing to lean into. It is the passage through which to grow. And I’ve also learned the hard way that when it comes to self expression, honesty is a supreme act of love. In the words of singer/songwriter Sean Hayes, there’s no way to lose when you move with love.

So. I am moving forward with love; for myself, for you, for Life. I am clearing out and airing out my inner world. An existential spring cleaning. 33 days of full frontal soul exposure. *Deep breath*

Lights, camera, authenticity. 

3…2… GO!

* * *

Day 1: Insecurity
Day 2: Trust Wounds
Day 3: Purpose
Day 4: Overthinking
Day 5: 21 Questions
Day 6: Even in Paradise
Day 7: Werk
Day 8: Werk Part II
Day 9: Debt Free
Day 10: Death & Taxes
Day 11: A New Age
Day 12: Playfulness
Day 13: Spirituality
Day 14: In Case of Death
Day 15: Halfway
Day 16: Why Vegan
Day 17: Titanic
Day 18: Hall Pass
Day 19: Carma
Day 20: Brivity
Day 21: Sister Soulmates
Day 22: Sorry Not Sorry
Day 23: Blessed
Day 24: Skinny Dipping
Day 25: Honesty
Day 26: Happy & Free
Day 27: Home
Day 28: The Great Wait
Day 29: Over the Hump
Day 30: Letting Go
Day 31: Songwriting
Day 32: Now What
Day 33: Truth

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