33 Days of Truth: Day 20


Today was a long, full day. It was getting late, and I was on a yet another time crunch to drop my next post, so I asked my mom for ideas of what I might write about that I could do in two quick paragraphs. She laughed and wondered aloud if that was even possible for me. So that became my topic. Brevity, or my lack thereof. Mom’s betting against me on this. 😛

Her writing style, on her own blog and generally, is short and sweet. She is succinct, to the point, and once that point is made she has a hard time dragging it on any further. I, on the other hand, really struggle to say only one thing and stop there. Brevity isn’t in my vocabulary. I love too many words, and will often use a string of them together, when one would probably do just fine. I like to tell a story from the beginning, or often well before the beginning, to build up context and flesh out details. I like to think about things at length, which sometimes turns into overthinking and other times, at the best of times, leads to deep thinking. I enjoy holding a multi-perspective that can encompass many different angles, and explore all the compelling layers and nuances of a given topic.

In the past, I have felt overwhelmed by how much there was to say, about myself, about my life; about everything. If I said anything, I felt, then I needed to say it all. Which seemed like too much. So instead of saying anything, I stayed quiet. I held back. I kept it in. That’s changing as I take on this personal growth challenge, a 2.0 version of a video series I attempted a couple years back. I’m learning to let it out, and in doing so I’m embracing my own writing style. My unique voice. Maybe one day I’ll be able to stick to two paragraphs like I set out to do instead of writing three, which I’ve done.

Oh well. So I lost the brevity challenge, and Mom won the bet. But, I won my 33 Days of Truth challenge. I’ll take that. And I shall call it… Brivity.

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