Daring To Move

The physical act of running is important to me for health and fitness, but that is nothing compared to what it does for my spirit. When I run, I come back to the moment, to now. I feel more alive. I feel like each step takes me closer to the heart of who I am.

I did not lead an active lifestyle throughout the majority of my life, having primarily sedentary jobs and hobbies. Although I occasionally dabbled around in things like tennis, dance, and yoga, nothing stuck for long. Looking back, I can see how this was an outward manifestation of the fact that I felt immobilized on the inside. I was holding back the best of me because I expected too much from my own potential. I was scared to make a move that might be the wrong one.

What I’ve since realized is that here and now is my only chance to make any move at all. The only mistake is to stay locked in place and grow old without ever really living.

When I started to train in running last year, “Dare You To Move” by Switchfoot was among the songs on my running playlist that most inspired me to keep going. It became a kind of anthem, a reminder of why I was pushing my body to be stronger, faster, better. By daring to put on those running shoes, to get outside, to race my own heartbeat, I was daring to show up and live–not tomorrow, not someday, but today.

There’s a line in the song that asks, “Where can you run to escape from yourself?” When I run, I am not escaping from but in fact liberating my self. I am running toward, through, with, and as the person I most want to be.

It can take a lot of initial momentum to get off the proverbial floor; in my life that has definitely been the case. But I am finally, happily, moving.

If you haven’t been moving in your own life, physically or otherwise, then start. Get up and at ’em, in whatever way that inspires you most.

I triple dog dare ya. 😉

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