Hall Pass

33 Days of Truth: Day 18

Hall Pass

I spent the last hour or so trying to get some intelligible thoughts out on a topic, and I am getting nowhere. The profound, heartfelt expression I intended to give to this my latest 33 Days of Truth post utterly evades me. I got nothin’. 

I’m so freaking tired and need to get to sleep. It’s been a full day, a good one, but also distracted by pain that started out as a kink in my neck and moved down around my shoulder blade. Hopefully I can rest it off. (Hunching over my laptop right now is probably not helping.)

Being in pain, exhausted, and frustrated is not a fun combo. I love this personal growth challenge but I do not like feeling pinched in body and in my time/ability to really get into the good stuff. I told my sister how I was starting to feel kind of angry about it, just the whole process of getting a blog post written today. She gave a hug, and spoke a lyric from one of our favorite songs.

“It’s gonna hurt, but that’s the work.”

– Rob Riccardo, The Work

Touché, sis.

The things I most want to write about require time to sit down with and dive into. They are not the things to blather on about at 10pm in my current sleepy, achy condition. 

I will continue do my best to work in writing that can accommodate more creativity and more depth. But it just did not come together today.

My present truth: I want to give more than this. I don’t have it right now. 

This feels an awful lot like my days back in college when I’d trying to finish an assignment last minute, while struggling desperately to say something, anything worthwhile. Oh well. I’m not being graded on this personal growth challenge, so f*** it.

I am giving myself a hall pass on Day 18.

Over and out 🙂

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