Have Fun!

One of the most profound personal shifts I have made in life was when I first set out to change the lifestyle I’d built up of stress, anxiety, and unhappiness living in LA, by simply choosing to make fun my focus one summer. I had put myself through intensely un-fun times overloaded with work and school and a myriad of emotionally draining experiences/habits.

So I picked up the idea to choose fun instead, and I remember sitting by the pool of my apartment in the sunshine, painting my toes and listening to soothing meditation music, with no pressure or plans in the months ahead, with nothing to do but take it easy and have fun… and being struck by how I felt physically relaxed for the first time in many many years. I realized I had forgotten how to simply be happy, and that maybe I had never really known how to enjoy my life before.

The best times of my life since then have continuously been the ones when I let go of taking life seriously and simply love it and enjoy it.

“Find a word like fun and just focus upon fun. Just try to hold the word fun in your mind until the emotion of it starts to move within you. And then fun ideas, and then fun experiences must follow. It’s law.” ~ Abraham-Hicks

Listen to: Spongebob & Plankton sing the F.U.N. Song

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