33 Days of Truth: Day 27


I looked out the little airplane window and saw the Pacific Ocean below, a rippled sheet of dark emerald. Long lines of white-tipped waves made their way to the shore, toward sand dunes and brown cliffs. Then there it was. The rugged California coastline. I can trace my heart all along those lines.

Gazing down at my home state from the air, emotion filled my chest and my eyes welled up with tears that spilled down my cheeks as I mentally named each landmark. Every one of them is a treasure to me.

The coastline gave way to rolling green hills. The plane lowered, and landed.

For two years I have missed this place, ached for it as for a lost love. And now, I’m back. 

I’ve been away in paradise, and yet it could not compare to what my soul feels here. A sense of belonging. A feeling of peace. A deep, comforting joy.

It feels surreal to return, like being in a dream I’ve had before. It is familiar and new all at once. I wonder, will this place recognize me? I have changed and grown. Has it done the same? I guess I will find out.

I don’t know everything that happens next, what adventures will unfold beneath my feet. There are many possibilities, opportunities, and unknowns. But the one thing I do know, right here and now, is where I am.


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