In Case of Death

33 Days of Truth: Day 14

In Case of Death

A while back I created a note to keep with my important papers. It’s an “in case of death” message for friends and family, with contact names and numbers for people I’d like to get the news personally (rather than by word of mouth). 

I suppose I should probably have something more official than this, like a Will, to provide directions for how to deal with all my personal s***, which admittedly is not much in terms of physical stuff – but such a document could be quite helpful for accessing or closing my accounts and settling debts (sorry not sorry! Ha ha).

Anyway… The note was a little surreal to write, but it also made me feel good. By writing it, my death became a simple, non-morbid topic. (Well, maybe slightly morbid. Lol.) In the back of my mind I thought warily, What if writing it actually brought on an early demise? But that’s being too superstitious. Unless posting about it does that in which case, hey! Wasn’t that crazy? 😛

Seriously, though. Writing the note made me take my own death less seriously, more lightly. I realized that if something did happen, and there wasn’t anything more I could do with my life, because it was all over, then it all becomes quite easy and simple and straightforward. And, when it comes to it, the only thing left that would really matter would be love. 

When the Ballistic Missile Threat of 2018 hit (or rather, threatened to hit) Hawaii, the one thing I did was text my family that I loved them. Nothing else. Just, “I love you!”

In retrospect, it was a slightly melodramatic move, however at the time I simply wanted to cover my bases. When the alert went out, via text, I doubted the validity of it and so deferred any real concern until another, more reliable source confirmed the warning (such as an emergency radio broadcast – the stations were all still playing music, which seemed too normal to me if we were indeed facing a real attack).

Still, just in case, I sent final words to my close family. “I love you!” I sent it all by itself, without any emojis, on a random weekday morning. So of course they got suspicious right away. LOL. 

If I really were to die, by missile or any other sudden way, I wanted to leave a note for those I love (assuming the note would survive), to remind them one last time that I love them.

Rolling right along with my 33 Days of Truth challenge, for Day 14 I’m sharing my “in case of death” note. With some updates, now that I’m re-reviewing it.

(Try making a similar note for yourself. It’s quite clarifying!)

Without further ado.

In case I slip on a banana peel tomorrow and kick the bucket prematurely (go out the way I came in? Ha!), please be sure my immediate family knows first, and tell my closest friends too. Let them know I love them and all is well (because I’m dead and can offer assurance of such things).

Then, after those folks know, you have my blessing to post the news on social media and start the like/comment/cry fest.

Feel free to cremate my body and scatter the ashes off a sea cliff from a Folgers can. “The Bri Abides…”

If you want to hold a service in my honor, make it a celebration of life, and make sure there is happy foot-tapping music playing. Actually, have everybody bring an instrument. Even if it’s a pot or pan, or an egg shaker, or their voice. Tell all to bring an instrument and make sweet music together. Share good freshly grown or homemade plant-based foods. And no black, please. Wear bright colors! The brightest funnest s*** you have!

Honor me by creating something beautiful, or meaningful, or just silly, be it a song, a poem, a painting or drawing, a rock stack, or a sculpture made from popsicle sticks and laundry fluff. Whatever floats your artistic boat. Ooh! Make paper boats and race them down a river. Or whatever.

Don’t take anything I ever said too seriously, unless it helps you become a super boss and do all the incredible inspired things you always wanted to do. Then take what I say real serious.

For me, for you, make the most of the time you have on this earth. Do whatever makes you happy and fulfilled. Hakuna matte! Remember to be yourself. Grow. Relax. Travel. Get out in nature. Enjoy the little things. Follow your heart… etc. etc. (At the end it’s all just a bunch of positive, post-able soundbites. Amiright?)

[Contact Names/Numbers]*

*If you’re not listed by name please know it’s because I trusted someone else close to us to relay the message to you. (All of my immediate family is listed. So apparently I don’t trust any of them to tell each other! Haha… Communication. It’s great!)

Distribution of Valuables & Cherished Things:

Nalu (my cat) – I’d like my sister Corinna to be his godmother. Please give him extra cuddles and frequent scratches above his nose and behind his ears, he loves that. Tell him I waves hims. <3
Ukulele – Rinna, you better learn and shred it! Doooo it! 
Clothes – Mom, because we’re the same size! (Anything you don’t want, share with Rinna & my close friends)
Laptop – Rinna… Ok yeah pretty much everything goes to her, sorry not sorry everybody. She’s the Distributor in Charge. Sissy: Keep what you want, share what you feel is significant to those significant to us, and sell whatever else remains that will bring in da bling. Or give it away. It’s all alright.

I love you all. Always.

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