Live Into The Answers

When we ask for higher help, guidance, direction, explanation–we will receive it. Sometimes, however, Life (AKA God, Source, Spirit, Flying Spaghetti Monster, etc. etc.) cannot immediately or directly respond to the questions we ask of it, because we have to live into the answers instead.

This could mean putting our inquiry on the back burner and going about our business until it becomes more relevant, or perhaps we have to explore our way to clarity by picking up a possible solution, running with it for a while, monitoring how that feels, and then forming either conclusions or better questions out of the results.

It’s important to keep in mind that our relationship with Life is not meant to be a passive, subservient one in which we wait for it to solve everything for us. We have powers here that we are responsible for developing, and lessons we must learn for ourselves. Life isn’t going to do all the work on our behalf or constantly feed us the “correct” answers. If we expect it to without engaging our own efforts, imagination, creativity, and desires, then we’re going to get subpar experiences that reflect to us our poor collaborative involvement.

Good teaching and good communication are open channels that flow both ways. So while you might be twiddling your thumbs wondering, “What next?” Life is gazing back at you, pressing its godly fingers together expectantly, wondering the same thing. Whatever questions you have about your existence, you can be sure it has questions back. “Why ARE you here?” “What do you really, really, really want?” “Who are you, truly?” “How will you give thanks for, and meaning to, the gift of being alive?”

You can let your answers to these questions unfold gradually, keep Life entertained by playing guessing games about you, or you can be up front, responding to Life clearly and directly, right now. Either way the substance of your answers will be based on what you choose to focus on, connect with, and put out into the world.

If you think you can muster up better answers than the ones you’ve been living so far, go ahead and give them a try. Life just might meet you half way with some ideas of its own, jump at the chance to engage in interesting work with a willing partner, and applaud you for finally showing up like the powerful, capable creator it knew you were.

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