I saw him standing five feet away
In the grocery aisle, didn’t know what to say
Then he turned to me and he smiled and said hello
He said hello

He said I don’t think I’ve seen you in here before
Do you come around often to the grocery store?
Then he laughed and said how about a drink sometime
A drink sometime

I said I guess you don’t remember second grade
I gave you a card on Valentine’s Day
You tore it up right in front of my face, you broke my heart
Broke my heart

He said I’m sorry but I don’t recall that day
He winked and said by third he was better behaved
I just rolled my eyes and I oh I walked away
I walked away

You know some boys will always think that they can get away
With breaking girls hearts like that kid in second grade
Call me a bitter grudge holder but to all those boys I say f* you

Oh fuck you

On the playground of life I am taking a stand
No more heartbreak games or shallow romance
You can keep your red roses and shitty chocolates boxes
They’re so toxic, so toxic

And you can keep your swagger and all your clever lines
I’d rather have a love that is caring and kind
Be real with me and honest and then, well maybe
You can be with me

And yeah I’m sure I’ve done my share of damage through the years
It’s a two way street where lovers go to shed their tears
But let’s try our best to take greater care
And love each other
a little better

We’re all heart, heartbreakers
But let’s try our best
To love each other
A little better