Robert Bright

There once was a girl named Polly Booth
She had red lips and raven hair
She stole the hearts of all the youths
But wanted none of theirs

Until one day at the fair in town
She met a boy named Robert Bright
He turned her world right upside down
And all he did was smile

She sighed, Robert Bright
Look at those eyes
They’re like the sun but softer
I’ve seen the light
It’s Robert Bright
I’ll be his one love true

It wasn’t long the whole town knew
The two of them were lovers
But their families disapproved
Said they couldn’t be together

They couldn’t help but be in love
And would meet in secret by the willow tree
Boy loved girl so he spoke up
Asked Polly, “Will you marry me?”

Yes, Robert Bright
Was her reply
You’ll never need another
I’ll be your bride
And all my life
I will belong with you

They went to the courthouse one summer’s day
And there they planned to be wed
But their parents found them out and came
To put a stop to it

There in the middle of that courthouse room
As their families fought over their future
Nobody noticed the bride and groom
Were slowly moving closer

Robert took Polly’s hand in his
Then he slipped a ring onto her finger
He whispered, “Do you still want this?”
She whispered back, “Forever.”

Oh Robert Bright
Don’t you think twice
Let’s run away together
I’ll be your wife
And by your side
I will grow old with you

They made their start and built a life
And the two of them were so happy
Still they wanted something more and so
Polly said, “How ’bout a baby?”

She went into labor one winter’s night
When Robert was out of town for his work
She called him up, said I know it’s soon
But it’s time, my dear please hurry

Oh Robert Bright
Come home, she cried
You’re gonna be a father
He drove all night
But Robert Bright
He never made it through

They told her where his car was found
Then they buried him by the willow tree
Now she visits holding the hand of their son
Tells him about the boy of her dreams

Oh Robert Bright
Look at those eyes
They are just like your father’s
And when you smile
My Robert Bright
I see him shining through