My Love Letter to Spotify (and Music)

I joined Spotify Premium years ago when they ran a special, $0.99 for three months and $9.99/month thereafter. I signed up, figuring I would just cancel the subscription once those first few months ended. But they got me. And I never looked back.

It has brought me so much pleasure exploring music on Spotify; I can’t say enough good. It has allowed me to discover an entire universe of music that I wouldn’t have known otherwise, with the added benefit of curating and collecting the best that’s out there, through endless access to new, to old, to favorites. It’s been an absolute delight to my ears and for my soul. It has brought relief to heartache, fun to boring activities, perfectly tuned jams on rainy days and sunny days and road trip adventures, provided motivation and inspiration (etc., etc.). In short, it’s become the ongoing soundtrack of my life.

Spotify’s “2018 Wrapped” for me was super entertaining to look at (see below). Proud of my top artists, I must say. Especially stoked that my forever love Sean Hayes made the cut, even though for some weird reason his songs wouldn’t play on my account for almost 3/4 of the year (I’ll let that one go, Spotify wins everything else).

Dermot Kennedy won my heart this year, too. His song “Glory” is one of the most wrenchingly hauntingly beautifully crafted and performed songs I’ve ever heard. Just strikes the bones. (In fact it was in the middle of listening to it that I had the thought of how amazing it would be to write and sing like that. Which in turn inspired me to write my first song on the ukulele. And I’ve written about sixteen total since.)

And now of course I am tempted to rattle on and on about all the other songs and artists I’ve come to know and love dearly… But I shall resist! So much gratitude, though.

Shout out to all the singers, songwriters and musicians who create with passion, who share their incredible gifts and talents with us, and who allow access to their art via Spotify (took you a while, T-Swift!).

Thank you.

Love love and more love <3

Listen to: My Top Songs 2018 Playlist

P.S. This is not a Spotify ad. But I don’t mind touting the value this paid service adds to my life. Worth every cent and then some. 😉

P.P.S. The song “Want You Back” on my Top Songs list is by HAIM… not to be confused with Backstreet Boys’ “I Want You Back”. LOL. (Ok Ok, I do like that one too. ’90s girl can’t help it!)

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