New Road

Recently read this inspiring article on what to do when you are stuck in life. I can relate to that feeling of futility, of nothing matters. Back at university I went through a major existential crisis. Could not find a way to relate to reality that made it anything but pointless. Gradually that began to shift. Reading Way of the Peaceful Warrior​ I think was a major turning point in that; it changed my thinking & introduced me to a clear vision of who I wanted to become in this life.

Upon graduating, I took my shiny degree & walked away from it & everything I’d been about for a decade. It felt like a breakup, & a big one at that. Moved out of the city I’d been in for ten years, left an industry & career I’d been involved in during that time, dropped every dream, goal, and plan I’d had since high school because there was no life left in them, no heartbeat. Spent the last couple years coming back to life from that.

Last year I thought I was moving in a very smart direction when in the fall, I experienced another major shift; the new path I’d begun to walk suddenly crumbled away under my feet to reveal a solid road, where my heart is, where it’s been all along. Switching direction will take some time, and the whole route isn’t known; yet I am happy every day knowing what is within my power to create, a life that matters… <3

Listen to: Kid Beyond – I Shall Be Free

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