Your perception is Law. Existence bows to it.

That is not to say, existence becomes only what you perceive it to be. Existence is. What you perceive about it, is what exists for you.

Your outlook filters and creates the world around you.

We can never see the world exactly as it is, this great massive undulating universe of ever-shifting, changing, growing life forms and energies. There is too much of it; we cannot fully intake or observe all of this; nobody can. Certainly not with the limited perspective we go about our day to day lives with.

For your own part you may think you understand a great deal of it, life, humanity, the planet. You may know parts of science and religion and philosophy and culture and current events and economics and business and relationships and psychology and history and politics and nature and any number of other things.

And from this you may have enough puzzle pieces to feel like you have a picture of how it all is. And sure, you do. A picture. Your picture.

But it is not THE picture. Because there is no THE picture, except perhaps the unseeable, unfathomably vivid, wild, creative mosaic compiled by billions of lives over billions of years forwards and backwards in time and beyond.

So what can we see? Whatever is in our sight. In our minds, in our hearts.

We can remain passive observers and accept the whatever that shows up.

Or, we can turnabout and open up and shift our view.

We can see darkness or we can see light. Face one way, there is shadow, another way, there is light.

Open up your mind and heart to allow more light.

It’s all there, but you cannot see what you will not see in the world. What you are too distracted or disheartened to look for, to find, to create.

Is there violence, ignorant, hatred, greed, prejudice, sadness, grief, terror, loss? Yes.

Is there peace, wisdom, love, caring, compassion, joy, freedom, togetherness? Yes.

There is all these things.

And we are not immune to them.

We cannot avoid everything that swirls among the tides and currents that the universe pulses with, because we are those tides and currents that pulse.

We are all part of the flow. I am not separate from you are not separate from we are not separate from all that is.

What we see and do not like in the world is not for us to change. It is not going to go away.

The human drama will continue, as will our evolution.

We can participate in one, or the other. Free will! Our choice. We choose what we turn our attention to, invest our energy in, develop within ourselves and in the world.

It’s like swiveling a telescope to another part of the sky, or selecting brighter tones for a palette of paint, or adjusting the camera to gain a clearer vision.

This is not turning a blind eye. It is opening our eyes, peering out, choosing our view, choosing to see the world differently. To see ourselves differently.

It is not the world that must change. It is the way you perceive it, the way you move and exist within it, the way you relate to it.

And so it is up to you to embody what humanity can become. It’s up to each of us to be who we truly are and want to see.

Impractical? Impossible? Sure why not. If you think so.

You will not see change in the world as long as you believe you are not the world, and you do not change.


P.S. I believe in you. 

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