Songbirds in My Heart

Today at lunch I was sitting by the lake, watching the birds. A hawk swooped down from the tree above me to bathe near the water’s edge, stepping gingerly along and ruffling its feathers to get all the nooks and crannies wet.

It made a cute little sound every time it dunked its head under water, I suppose breathing out to keep water going up its beak. I’d never seen a hawk bathing before, and there was something kind of lighthearted and joyous about it, seeing this bird of prey in a relaxed moment as it cleansed and cooled itself in the water.

A little tiny bird came flitting by to rest on a reed in front of the hawk. I watched it, too, as it sprang into the air and back down again, landing on this blade of green and then on another one, light as a feather. A duck floated by, smooth and easy.

The song in my heart watching these birds, was a peaceful love song for the world and for my self. I felt glad to be in that moment, and fully there, one with it.

Tonight, I played Songbird by Eva Cassidy on repeat to do some unwinding yoga, only thinking of those birds after I got into the session.

I was listening to it as a love song for my self.

Lately, I’ve been learning new things about love, about my heart, and all of it comes back to the best relationship I will ever cultivate is with me. Every other relationship is a reflection of that.

And I am learning, that sometimes I need to drop my guard, remember to play in the water, cleanse and cool, stay in touch with the flow.

Love is everywhere and in all things, like birds in the water and in the sky.

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