Sorry Not Sorry

33 Days of Truth: Day 22

Sorry Not Sorry

I owe myself an apology. Not a full apology, just a partial one. A little plea for forgiveness from the part of me that is taking the brunt of this 33 Days of Truth challenge right now.

To that part:

I’m sorry I’ve been sleep deprived for a week.

I’m sorry I’ve been eating at weird times or not at all.

I’m sorry I’ve been so busy preparing to move and wrapping up final things that I’ve gotten really tense and wound up.

I’m sorry I haven’t been practicing yoga, and I haven’t been relaxing, breathing, or stretching properly, when it’s most needed.

I’m sorry for going nonstop from one thing to the next, catnapping in between just to get through, and then scrunching for hours over my computer writing these posts.

I’m sorry for keeping myself up until after midnight when I’m already running on fumes because it’s the only window I have to write in.

I’m sorry I haven’t had enough time or brain power to cover the juicy in-depth topics I most want to write about. (Soon!)

But also… Sorry, I’m not sorry.

I’m not sorry for making this personal growth challenge a top priority.

I’m not sorry I’ve written every single day for 22 days in a row. (YEAH!)

I’m not sorry for doing what I can to speak my truth and work with what I have each day.

I’m not sorry for feeling dedicated and inspired.

I’m not sorry for staying the course.

I’m sorry it’s been a bit rough, but I’m not sorry it’s all about to get a hell of a lot better.

Note to self: Apology *partially* accepted 😛

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