Spiritual Lessons from the Emoticlam

I was asked by someone recently to tell them “a philosophical spiritual mind bender” because they liked my awareness and perspective on things.

This is what came out… 😛

Spiritual Lessons from the Emoticon Clam, AKA Emoticlam:

(|) <– That’s an emoticon clam.

There is a straight line between the two sides of the clam, representing a separation of its clam self even while its parts are clamped together.

We have an expression, to clam up.

When we clam up, we close our selves off from the world in order to not see it. We do not show others who we really are so they never see more than our external surface. We shut down to stay protected because we are afraid of what is, or might be.

Like the emoticon clam, we become simultaneously closed and divided in half. We shut off the connection between within and without, blocking the flow of Life.

(:) <– This is the emoticon clam looking out at the world with its eyes open.

Visually it has some space and yet also connectedness between the curved edges of its being, giving off a sense of wholeness.

As an emoticon it is also a double smiley face.

When we can be like this clam, feeling safe in ourselves and in the world, with eyes open to see how things are, able and willing to reveal who we really are to others; when our being is opened up to existence and we are smiling no matter which way we’re looking at Life, that is to be another expression…

Happy as a clam!

May we all be this –> (:)

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