Spring Creating

Photo by Corinna Harris

Spring cleaning. Art therapy. Creative rampage.

Spring Creating!

Today marks the start of a five-week, multi-medium creative deep dive that I am doing, both for my 2021 theme of “Purify” and in celebration of my birthday next month. 🙂

The different projects involved will span my lifetime as I craft, curate, and share artistic expressions from childhood to now. I’ll move chronologically through mediums as I discovered and loved them: writing, art, video, and music. I’ll be sharing past creations as well as making new ones.

At the heart of this Spring Creating idea is the intention to clear out my inner studio, while reconciling and reconnecting with my artist self. To know her again. To bring her into the light.

Although I have some plan for what this will look like, for the most part it will be an improvisational dance. Each week I’ll focus on a different medium, developing or completing a main project, plus exploring any relevant mini or side-projects. I’ll post them here on my website and update via social media.

The writing portion, which I’m kickstarting today, will be ongoing as I reflect on and explore creativity and my relationship to it. At minimum, I’ll publish two blog posts per week — but I expect to post a lot more, and the goal is to do the work daily. Four mediums in four weeks. The fifth week I’ll spend revisiting whatever sparks the most interest, and wrapping up any loose ends.

I’m really excited about this journey! If nothing else, it will be a much needed purging and healing creatively. If something more, I hope to inspire and encourage others to get in touch with their own expressive, creative selves, too.

[Photo by Corinna Harris]

Spring Creating

As the sleepy darkness of winter fades away,
the day stretches and yawns awake.

The sky becomes lighter in the fresh dawn,
the air grows softer and warmer, and
gentle rains whisper to the seeds of the past, now!

I roll up my sleeves and step softly through the door.

I open up the windows to let in the wayward breezes
of spring and something like change.

Wind and water whisper together, now. Now!

The whisper becomes a song on my lips.

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