True Adulthood

I have highly anticipated turning 30 as a mile marker on my journey to true adulthood. Becoming an adult, to me, is about growth. I have still felt like a kid most of the time, wide-eyed and wondering, so new to it all. And yet I have felt the development of a great strength in me, a clarity and an ownership over my life that makes nostalgia over “lost youth” worth doubling up laughing about. Because it’s hogwash. Youth is a mindset, not an age.

Most people consider maturity into adulthood the beginning of the end. But it’s only the end of the beginning. Life’s just getting started!

The reason adulthood seems to suck so much is because everyone falls into believing that being an adult means you no longer have any fun and that you must consequently walk a boring, well-worn, narrow path of social duties and conditioned values: work a job, make money, get married, have kids, retire… Be “responsible.” That kind of responsible is simply a continuation of the worst part of being a kid: not having final say or full authority in your life.

As adults most never gain the power to choose, to deliberately say yes or no, nor do they accept the real responsibility of *true* adulthood, which is determining for themselves what they want, what they do, when and how they do it, and who they become.

Needless to say that is not my kind of adulthood. No indeedy. My adulthood, into my thirties and beyond, will be enriched by all the best of childhood: imagination, excitement, enthusiasm, humor, silliness, play, fun, spontaneity, being in the moment, lightheartedness, freedom…

I view this transition into a new decade and into adulthood as the turning point when I get to truly take the wheel and take full responsibility for who I am and how I live, owning my power and relieving all other authority sources of the task of telling me what’s up.

12932688_10208113002155664_1441602276773501282_nSo eenie-meenie-minie-moe, I’ll do what I want, stick out my tongue at the dumb things grown ups say (especially about getting old! Old is for things with expiration dates and stuff that is unused and broken. Is that what they mean?!), and go splash around in the nearest puddle.

HA! I’m a big kid now. 😉


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