33 Days of Truth: Day 33


This 33 Days of Truth challenge has transformed me. Subtly, yet profoundly.

I feel fuller, more whole, more truly myself.

Some things that I have held back and kept silent about for many years, have been released and expressed. What a relief! I’ve cleared it out. Made space. Created breathing room.

It feels easier to stand in the open now. 

I have learned, through this challenge, how to be more authentic and vulnerable. Not just here on my blog but in the rest of my life.

And I have realized that when it comes to the truth, there is really no such thing as missing the boat. Contrary to what I thought, there is no right timing for revealing who we really are… It is always the right time.

If I don’t share my personal truth in one moment, the opportunity is not lost. There is always another chance. There may be consequences for keeping quiet. As there are consequences for speaking up. But that is what I would rather have. Truth, and its consequence. 

I can only give what I have, and be who I am, with honesty and with love. And let the chips fall where they may. Here and now.

Truth is never too early, or too late. 

Truth arrives precisely when it means to. 😉

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