Daily Video Challenge

In August 2017, I embarked on a 31 Day Video challenge, jumping into a creative stretch goal that involved recording videos for Youtube on topics near and dear to my personal growth-loving heart. I also posted blog articles to go along with them. 

Day 1

31 Days of Video Intro

Day 2

Beyond Perfectionism

Day 3

Crooked Beauty

Day 4

Overcoming Shyness

Day 5

When to Quit Your Dream

Day 6

How to Clean Your Slate

Day 7… Day 7… 

“Bueller? Bueller?”

Haha… That’s it! I got through six videos. (Hey, that’s six more than when I started :P) After that I had a work opportunity that involved getting up super early and working crazy long days for several weeks, and then I was finalizing preparations to move to Maui. And then I moved. (Etc. Etc.)

I’m still glad I tried this video challenge and at least produced something, even if I didn’t get as far along as I planned. That in itself was a challenge and a valuable lesson.

Takeaway: Don’t not start because you think you might not finish. Just give it a try. Create a little bit. Life is an experiment. There is no failure, just learning opportunity and growth. (Words of wisdom I’d go back and tell my younger self. Many, many times.)